Reasons to Choose Cloud Box 99

Restoration Anywhere On Demand

Cloud Box 99 offers its clients “On demand Restoration” of the files and systems in just a few seconds, anywhere in a particular span of time. Using this feature restoring files can be done easily in just a few clicks.

On Demand Restoration Anywhere

Business Backups with Tailored Security

Tailored Security for Business BackupsSecurity of the restored data is the main point to be kept in mind while backing up the files and data. It is now possible to keep your precious data Secure with military-grade security – 448 Bit Encryption at all time while working or enjoying your sleeps.

Customer can now have their business backups with tailored security as Cloud Box 99 helps you comply with federal regulations like HIPAA, SOX etc which ensures data security and reliability.

Flexible Backups

Scheduling Multiple Backups Automatically

Inorder to boost the efficiency of your server backup, Cloud Box 99 provides you the option of scheduling your server backups at your suitable specific time. Also providing you a way to schedule multiple backups at a single specified time makes Cloud Box 99 an ideal choice for the customers.

Schedule Automated Multiple Backups

Backup multiple files

Backup Unlimited filesUsing Cloud Box 99, customer can now backup multiple files as it does not restrict the size of the file and hence allows backingup of multiple files with great size even when compression and encryption are enabled.

Let the file be ofsmall size say 1 MB file or a big bunch of files say a million 100 mb files or more, Cloud Box 99 allows you to backup unlimited files!

Backing up changed blocks alone

Cloud Box 99 offers you to restore or to transfer only changed blocks alone. There should always be a way to ensure that only changed blocks are transferred during incremental backups using in-built Intelli-Delta technology, Cloud Box 99 makes it possible.

Backup changed blocks alone

Backup Virtual Machines

Backup Virtual MachinesCloud Box 99 offers a cloud server where you can even have an agentless Backup and Recovery of VM’s in VMWare. Backing up Virtual Machine’s can now be made possible in an easy way using Cloud Box 99 which uses a snapshot compression which minimize the storage requirement.

Import Large Backup Sets

Ship Large Backup SetsLarge multiple file backups can now be imported using the import facility in which Cloud Box 99 allows you to transfer the large files backups directly from a removable hard disk to the server saving your bandwidth.

Continue from where it left off

Continue from where it left offNo worries if network disconnected while taking backups, Cloud Box 99 offers you a feature in which the backup resumes automatically from where it left off whenever the network is connected again. So you never lose your data due to network failure and hence makes your data more secured.

Compression and Encryption before taking the Backup

Cloud Box 99 encounters the changed blocks, compresses and encrypts the data and finally backup it up while backingup the data. Encryption of data makes it secure to a very high level.

On-the-fly compression and encryption

Synthetic Full Backups

Cloud Box 99 helps you to have full backups of incremental or changed blocks all together.

Synthetic Full Backups

Flexible backup retention policies

Cloud Box 99 helps you to retain critical data based on the number of versions or on the age of the version files under Retention policies.

Flexible backup retention policies

Backup network and NAS drives

Under Mapped Drive Settings, Cloud Box 99 can take your files backup from any external drives – mapped network drives, NAS drives etc.

Backup network and NAS drives

Inbuilt Integrity Check

Inbuilt Integrity CheckWhile Integrity Checks, Cloud Box 99 ensures its cutomers that the files are always stored as it leaves the source machine that is backed up using its data integrity check. Its also keeps a check that the files which are backed up are properly stored during restoration process.

Instant Restores

Secured restores all the time

Granular Recovery

Using Cloud Box 99 Granular recovery option, you can restore complete mailbox from an Exchange Server. It further allows you to restore the data at various levels like mail, folder or a mailbox level. Cloud Box 99 allows you to restore the entire mailbox, with all the data, files and content to your Exchange server or even to a .PST file if you prefer.

It not only restore entire mailbox but also restore one or more emails, attachments in emails, folders or labels, contacts available in address book, and other mail items directly to your production exchange server.

Granular Recovery microsoft exchange 2010

Instant restores by converting the disk image to VMDK

Cloud Box 99 server helps you convert the VHD formats to VMDK formats i.e it helps you to convert the disk image backups in VHD format into the VMware file format (VMDK) and boot up as virtual machine’s do in VMware ESX servers.

Instant restore by booting up as a virtual machine (P2V)

Secure Backups

Secure RestoresStoring the data in encrypted format during transfer process makes the data more secured and safe. Cloud Box 99 stores the data in encrypted format ensuring its security during its transfer from the remote backup server.

Exporting Restore data

If the customer requires to take backup on their local system, then they can directly export the restored data. This can be done using Export data facility to directly export the data to the customer’s local drive’s.

Exporting backup data

Restoring Data sets from different timestamps

Cloud Box 99 also offers restoring only the specific files from the previous versions this can be achieved without having to restore all the files.

Restoring versions from different backup timestamps

Restoring to an alternate machine

If you want to restore data to an alternate machine, this option is available in Cloud Box 99 server. Running another instance of Cloud Box 99, Data can be restored to another alternate machine..

Restoring to an alternate machine

Restore backups on any machine at any instance of time

Restore on any machine, at anytimeYou caneasily initiate restore jobs from any machine by directly logging in the client’s control panel account with the login details and providing the encryption password.

VMware Backup

Virtual Machines Robust protection

VMware VADP based backup restores

Using Cloud Box 99 VMware based backup and restore faetures, reducing the scan time used while restoring through changed blocks in VMDK backup images in vSphere platform, you can instantly restore your files with high performance.

VADP based backup

File level restore

If you require to restore a single single file you need not to restore the complete backup as Cloud Box 99 server helps you in file level restoring by allowing you to restore even a single file from the Vmware Backup through a single click process.

File level restore

Restore to ESX server

Restore to ESX server

Cloud Box 99 even allows you to Restore backups directly to an ESX server by just slecting the name of the VM and data store..

VMware ESX Server Backups

Cloud Box 99 offers a feature using which you can directly backup virtual machines (VMs) running on ESX and ESXi Servers and you need not to install the client agent every time using virtual machine’s.

Backing up VMware ESX Servers

VMWare VMs

Cloud Box 99 allows you to have full backup and incremental backup of VMware VMs. Cloud Box 99 supports all ESX 3.0, ESX 3.5, ESXi 3.5, ESX 4.x, ESXi 4.x, VMware Server 2.0 Virtual Machines.

Supported VMWare VMs

Disk Image Backups

Advanced Disk Image Backups providing Faster Recovery

Advanced Disk Image Backups

Cloud Box 99 provides incremental backup in disk image for faster recovery and improved performance.

Disk image

Hyper-V Backup

HyperVisor – Virtual machines backup

Backing up Hyper-V Virtual Machines and Clustered Hyper-V servers

cPanelCloud Box 99 also helps in taking the powerful backups and restoring the Virtual Machines in Hyper-V. Cloud Box 99 even minimizes the storage requirement by reducing the expenditure on storage using snapshot compression.

More Plugins

Taking Virtual machines backup In HyperVisor

Restoring Hype-V Virtual Machines and Clustered Hyper-V servers

cPanelCloud Box 99 also helps in taking the powerful backups and restoring the Virtual Machines in Hyper-V. Cloud Box 99 even minimizes the storage requirement by reducing the expenditure on storage using snapshot compression.

PostgreSQL Backup

PostgreSQL BackupCloud Box 99 allows you to restore PostgreSQL database(s). The complete and Incremental PostgreSQL database backups can be taken if databases are accessible online.

Backing up MS-Outlook using MAPI

MS-Outlook Backup using MAPIOutlook can be easily restored using Cloud Box 99. Just because Cloud Box 99 supports backup using MAPI, each Outlook incremental backup is saved as a separate .PST file offering complete control to its client while restoring.

Backing up Oracle

Using Oracle plugin in Cloud Box 99 server, Oracle databases can be easily backed up as well. Cloud Box 99 supports backing up and restoring of Oracle databases. Unused spaces (blocks) are identified and skipped within the database using Oracle plugin in backing up the Oracle databases using Cloud Box 99.

Oracle Backup
Xen Server Backup

XenServer Backup Plugin

Using XenServer plugin backup support, Cloud Box 99 offers you a feature to add Xen hosts to take your VMs backup on your Linux Distros. In that case you can have stream snapshots to the backup server automatically. You can even restore a full VM to another Xen machine using XenServer Backup Plugin.

Backing up Pervasive Database

Cloud Box 99 even supports backing up the complete and incremental Pervasive SQL database backups. Particular file level restoration is also available for clients.

Pervasive Database backup
Exchange Server Database Backup

Having Exchange Server Database Backup

Now Exchange Servers 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 can backed up without affecting the live servers. Exchange servers can be backed up as complete or in groups.

Backing up Exchange Mailbox

Cloud Box 99 also allows you to have the backup of all the data of a specific user (mailbox) or a particular folder (for example the inbox in the mailbox) from an Exchange Server.

Exchange Mailbox Backup
SQL Server Backup

Backing up SQL Server

You can even protect the complete database and the differential modified data in Microsoft SQL servers using Cloud Box 99’s SQL Server Backup Plugin.

Backing up SharePoint Server

SharePoint Backup Plugin helps protecting the site-collection level of SharePoint versions SPS2003/WSS2.0, MOSS2007/WSS3.0 and MS SharePoint 2010 and uploading only the data which is changed while incremental backups and hence saving the bandwidth.

SharePoint Server Backup
MySQL backup

Backing up MySQL Databases

Backing up complete and Incremental MySQL databases is now possible using Cloud Box 99 server. It even allows you to backup entire MySQL database when it is accessible online.

MSSQL/MySQL DB backups


Data loss can be reduced if failure alerts are used. Using failure alerts data loss can be encountered wherever occurred. In order to receive failure alerts agents have to deployed to track the backup process.

Labtech avails you the backup agents which helps you to protect your data in physical and virtual environment.



Cloud Box 99 inegration with WHMCS offers you to push customer invoice details. Customers signing up on WHMCS for the backup services automatically gets signed up on Cloud Box 99 Server availing backup services.



Cloud Box 99 offers ConnectWise option in order to monitor clients backup and restore tasks and available server space by mapping to the specific company accounts.



Clients need to view alerts generated from Cloud Box 99 server regarding manage and monitor backup, restore job failures, missed backups, used storage space etc, this can be achieved using AutoTask system. AutoTask’s ticketing system shows all the alerts generated from Cloud Box 99.



Information Report for a Company

Information reports of a company presenting the size of data, number of machines, email ID etc. can now be easily created. Further the details of all the companies can be checked on a single page.

Company Information Report

Daily space usage report for customer/client

Space usage on daily basis for each and every client for their scan be represented graphically as a report using which the disk space can be easily managed.

Daily space usage report for customer

Multi-tenant Architecture

Managing account, license allocation, storage space, security details etc. at all the levels (reseller level, customer level and client level) can be done in Multi-tenant Architecture management system.

Multi-tenant Architecture

Email based notifications

You can receive notifications on email for backup and restore job status on the email ID provided by you in the details.

Email based notifications

Manage Backups Job from the Backup Server

Customer can easily manage i.e Add, edit or delete backup tasks from the backup server without logging in into individual client machines.

Manage Backups Job from the Backup Server

Automatic Software Update

If you need to run software updates automatically, you can turn them on and push them directly into the client machines running on Cloud Box 99 server.

Automatic Software Update

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