How can Cloud Box 99 offer such large capacity at such low price?

Cloud Box 99 has developed a patent pending technology which offers a speed of a super computer at a cost of the traditional cloud.

How different is Cloud Box 99?

Cloud Box 99 offers you absolute peace of mind, you do not have to worry about risk of assumptions while planning a project. If a server needs 4 Cores, or 8 Cores…. Users do not have to worry about how CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth sizing is done, allowing you to focus on implementation of technology rather than building a datacenter and operating the same.

What is the virtualization platform used for?

Cloud Box 99 has developed a patent pending technology which offers a speed of a super computer at a cost of the traditional cloud.

Resiliency, BCP?

Cloud Box 99 is architected in a N+N datacenter design along with complete No single Point failure environment along with Disaster recovery operations at a different seismic zone (500 km’s apart).

How can I deploy Load Balancers & Firewalls?

Cloud Box 99 offers two ways to implement LB/FW Configurations, customer has a choice to go with traditional hardware based approach or a software based approach to LB/FW.

Hardware based LB/FW is charged at additional cost, depending on hardware used.

Software based LB/FW is provided free of cost.

Cloud Box 99 Backup?

Cloud Box 99 offers two types of backups, Hypervisor Layer – Snapshots – copy of the virtual machine / Server. Data layer – Database, Files, Folder – Automatic, Encrypted, Compressed backups.

Certifications & Compliance?

Cloud Box 99 is SSAE, SAS 70, PCI certified cloud provider and helps customers achieve higher compliance and regulatory levels.

Service Level Agreement?

Cloud Box 99 offers 100% availability when choosing a disaster recovery cloud option.

What will happen if my Cloud Server messes up?

If your cloud server gets messed up, Cloud Box 99 allows you to modify your server as per your need like you can reboot your server, restore from a backup, you can even delete your server and start from the scratch. It also allows you to boot into an emergency rescue mode and try to fix the problem. There are many other options for recovering from mistakes, but the easiest is to keep regular backups and to make a fresh backup before attempting any major configuration changes or before installing new software.

What Cloud Server offers me to do?

Cloud Box 99 offers you the complete control to do anything you want to (within the law and our Acceptable Use Policy, of course)! The Cloud Box 99 Cloud Server solution is a fully unrestricted, root/Administrator level access, Linux or Windows environment. All the applications or service that you can run from a physical or a dedicated-unmanaged server can be run from your Cloud Server.

How can I reinstall a different distribution or start over?

Yes, of course you can. By simply pressing the rebuild button in the Control Panel you will be able to select a new distribution. Make sure that you have a backup of your data as this process will destroy any data that is on the server. The rebuild process also allows you to save your IP address.

What types of applications can a cloud server run?

Cloud server can run all types of applications. But it does’t mean it’s a good idea. For example, if there’s little reason to run a desktop disk defragmentation or systems analysis tool in the cloud, because you want the application sitting on the desktop, dedicated to the system with little to no latency, says Pund-IT analyst Charles King.

So is my cloud server still dedicated to me?

Yes, your cloud server is dedicated to you! Different server providers use different virtualisation technology and they all have different ways of creating virtual servers. Cloud Box 99 uses Xen which gives you a true enterprise grade virtual dedicated server environment along with all the dedicated resources of your own. We also provide full root access to your server and can be fully customised to your needs, unlike shared hosting.

Can I use all the resources I pay for?

All the resources you are quoted are 100% dedicated to your cloud server.

How many websites can I host on my cloud VPS?

Cloud Box 99 allows you to host unlimited websites on your cloud server. What you need to take care off is to ensure the size of your cloud server is always sufficient for the amount of resources your websites is using. You can even upgrade or downgrade your cloud server at any time to suit the number of sites you want to host.